Thank you for being with me for 50 Posts!

Dear everybody,

This marks my 50th post here on Shut Up Zach! And I wanted to use this as an opportunity to drop the façade and thank you, guys. I know that this is still a really small project but your support has had a profound impact on me and this page. I know I write a lot of my posts with bravado and might come off very condescending or arrogant, but in reality, I have no idea what I am doing.

As you would expect, I only began this because it was a hobby of mine. Some close friends urged me to start a blog and I was pretty resistant to the idea. I did not feel very comfortable putting myself out there, whether it be for criticism or simply being observed. When I began, I did not ooze the type of confidence you might think a guy who calls frequently calls millions of Disney fans “scumbags” and “cowards” would have. It was because of the support of those friends and the support of anyone who has read anything that I wrote that I came around on the idea. So, to everyone who was there before I made this page, thank you.

Even now, I am still trying to figure things out as I go. I spend a lot of time researching how to grow a page and evolve the type of content I make to be more appealing to everyone. I understand I need to be patient and this is not the type of project that grows overnight. It takes time, but even so, there are times when my confidence wanes. To be honest, I am at a junction in my life where I have very few answers to many questions. Nothing in life is ever assured and this is just another aspect of growing that I am trying to figure out right now. When my confidence is shaky I just need to remind myself that I am doing this because I enjoy it. Whether this is what I am going to do with my life or not, at this moment, it has been everything I needed it to be.

If anyone is out there and they feel uneasy about where they are, I want them to know that they are not alone. Whatever stage you are at in life, it is easy to think you are not where you are supposed to be at that time, but every experience you have, good, bad and everything in between, will shape you into a more complete person for tomorrow. Do your best and know its ok to try and fail. Like those who have supported me, I promise that there are people in your life who will be with you along the way.

I do not know what the future holds but I would love to look back on this in a few years and just see how much I have changed. I really hope to evolve this page to incorporate new types media like YouTube videos and podcasts, but I have very little aptitude for technology, so it would just be another step that I am learning how to do on the fly. I love movies and just being able to express myself has been therapeutic to me. I would love for the future of this page to be more interactive so you all can join in expressing yourselves, whether you agree with me or you feel the need to tell me to shut up! Thank you all again for being with me on my first 50 posts! Let’s hope the future is even better! May the Force be with you all!

With gratitude,

P.S. I would like to thank my friend Bryan On for creating the image above which will be this page’s much needed icon.

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