The Case for Lupita Nyong’o Getting an Oscar Nomination

As I mentioned in my previous post, Oscar season is in our sights and we (meaning me) need to focus heavily on how the award races are shaping up. I already made a post discussing the case for Robert Downey Jr. deserving an Oscar Nomination for his role in “Avengers: Endgame” so now I wouldContinue reading “The Case for Lupita Nyong’o Getting an Oscar Nomination”

Oscar Season Cometh: Are You Prepared?

It is fairly common knowledge that I live for the Oscars (I recently added “The Oscars” category to the site if you want to go back and view my previous takes on the Academy Awards). I have always made Oscar predictions on Facebook every year, and it were those posts that convinced my friends toContinue reading “Oscar Season Cometh: Are You Prepared?”