Crawl (2019) – Movie Review

If you were to ask me a month ago if I ever had any intentions of seeing this movie, I would have laughed derisively in your face and possibly even spit on you. How dare you insult me by wasting my time with a question like that? The film looked stupid and was a ratherContinue reading “Crawl (2019) – Movie Review”

Brightburn (2019) – Movie Review

“Brightburn” has been marketed as a blending of the gruesomeness of the horror genre and the classic, but legally distinct from, Superman origin story, captained by the Gunn’s, who have had incredible success with the “Guardians of the Galaxy” films for Marvel. I had high expectations regarding the film’s concept: What would it be likeContinue reading “Brightburn (2019) – Movie Review”

American Psycho (2000) – Movie Review

A close personal friend of mine (No, it’s not Tom Skerritt) recently tweeted out that “We will never beat the 80s as a decade. I am convinced of it”. If anything portrayed in “American Psycho” is close to accurate, then I would say that tweet was a gross understatement. I am not a go-go commie-punchingContinue reading “American Psycho (2000) – Movie Review”

Us (2019) – Movie Review

From the same whimsical mind that brought you comedic hits such as “Slap ass”, “I said ‘biiiiiiiiiiitch’”, and “The Key and Peele East v. West Bowl”, comes a bloody nightmare about doppelgängers who never blink or speak but want to slice your face off with rusty scissors. Actually, now that I say that, maybe someoneContinue reading “Us (2019) – Movie Review”