5 Things I Would Put in My Star Wars

I feel like I have not created any content recently that was truly interactive. This page is still young and most of you guys seem a bit shy about commenting or interacting, so I suppose it is about time I begin to address the matter. I almost didn’t make a post today but at around 3pm, this idea hit me so I am going to run with it. Consider yourselves blessed. Well, as it was, I was doing a little reading up on how to develop this site and it occurred to me that I should be more personal with my posts. I know sometimes I ramble on or write like I am trying to impress your average 9th Grade English Lit teacher, so I hope this one feels more personable.

Star Wars. I love it. Everyone who knows anything about me knows I love it. By pure coincidence, I happen to be wearing a Star Wars T-shirt as I write this. I also say that no one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans, and it is no secret that I have been fairly critical of plenty of the recent Star Wars projects pioneered by Disney. But I am tired of being so critical and I want to be totally constructive for a change. So, instead of saying where I believe Star Wars has gone wrong in the past, I made this list to discuss what I would add to Star Wars, if I were the one creating it, to make it better!

I would really like to get some interaction on this post, so after you give it a read, why not respond with your own personal thoughts about this. Anyway, I have bored you enough with this introduction so let us begin.

A Villain motivated by something other than power or conquering the galaxy

I don’t mean simplifying it to something as general, like being motivated by money or having them be bullied as a child and now they are nuts. Revenge is a played-out concept, especially in blockbuster films. I want something creative and genuine. I get that rage and greed are easy ideas to express to large audiences, but I have never understood the idea that audiences can’t handle ideas that rise above the lowest common denominator. The most popular films always have something that makes them stand above the herd. Why not explore a primary antagonist that has something else in mind besides being the ruler of everything everywhere? Maybe I am naïve but I am fairly sure there are more than one or two ways to be a threat or opposition.

New planets

And for the love of everything sacred, stop with the desert worlds! I saw a picture on Instagram a few weeks ago that showed that Star Wars live-action movies, including the upcoming Rise of Skywalker, will feature 6 or 7 different desert planets. Honestly, that is absurd. This is not exclusively Disney’s fault either since Tatooine and Geonosis already existed before they took over, but they haven’t helped with the additions of Jakku, Jeddah, Savareen, and Pasaana just since 2015. I really just wish for better world-building so I have new places to go when I daydream. Disney has been fairly decent at this, although it seems their main objective every film is to recreate the “magic” of the Mos Eisley cantina with practical aliens and sets. Let us be creative. There is near limitless possibilities of worlds, cultures, aliens to create. My Star Wars will not be constrained by the familiar and won’t be afraid to make a planet with CGI!

Give the Force some nuance

I am talking about actually exploring the philosophical differences between the light and the dark, beyond just anger and compassion. This is a concept that has plenty of legs in most of the expansive materials in Star Wars, both old and new, but for some reason, we have not gotten a real good look at what each side stands for beyond a few buzzwords like “power”, and “darkness”. Allow the dark to be a champion of individuality. Make it more than just about being powerful because there is more to it. Let there be a bad guy who wants what is best for other people. Let us discuss how the Jedi teach you not to love, or how they actually take Force-sensitive children from their parents. And maybe discuss the fact that just because one side is wrong about an issue doesn’t mean the other side is right. When the Force was first conceived by George Lucas, it was supposed to be simple. But after more than 30 years, it is time to grow up.

Expand the lore and history

Remember the awe we all felt the first time Obi-Wan explained what the Jedi and Force are “Before the Dark Times… Before the Empire”? How about when Luke made reference to The Clone Wars (Something that was totally offscreen until 2002) in the 1977 Original? The universe of Star Wars seemed so vast and unexplored. There were mysteries yet to be unraveled and worlds with stories that had already been told. Let’s bring this back! So far, the only canonical events of Star Wars take place within 60 years or so, with only a few mentions of any event that took place prior to The Phantom Menace in the timeline. I want to talk about the ancient Jedi and Sith. Learn about the events that shaped the Galaxy into what it is at the time of the stories we’ve come to know and love.

A goddamned Jedi War

WHY HASN’T THIS HAPPENED YET? I don’t care if it is Jedi vs Sith, Sith vs Sith, or Jedi vs Jedi, or some other group.  Let us finally have our large-scale battle between multiple Force users in live-action. Give us that hardcore lightsaber-on-lightsaber action. We have the budget and technology to make something of this scale a reality. I am tired of these stupid one-on-one fights between amateurs! I thought this was the Major Leagues?! Or maybe, at the very least, have a Star Wars version of John Wick and have one man systematically dismantle an entire army. Either is good for me.

Well, what does everybody else think? Do you agree with my thoughts or is there something else that you would really like to see in Star Wars? Please comment on your thoughts and I’d love to discuss them with you!

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2 thoughts on “5 Things I Would Put in My Star Wars

  1. Top level content here. My favorite of the 5 was the planets. They have legit limitless possibilities but choose desert ?! Large scale lightsaber Wars always seemed like a no-brainer to me following the prequels, but alas it has not occurred to Disney. Here’s to hoping our dreams one day come true 🍻


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