Birds of Prey (2020) – Movie Review

The 2010s were concluded with a year of some of the comic book genre’s strongest showings in film. To no one’s surprise, Marvel kept up their torrid pace by putting out multiple films that eclipsed a billion at the box office, including “Avengers: Endgame” which became the highest-grossing film of all-time. But what is unexpected,Continue reading “Birds of Prey (2020) – Movie Review”

I disagree with Martin Scorsese and Alan Moore—But are they still right?

A few weeks ago, legendary filmmaker, Martin Scorsese was in the news for being critical of Marvel films. The headlines read “Scorsese says ‘Marvel isn’t cinema’”, which prompted many on the internet, myself included, to read the comments, then respectfully disagreed. The topic was fodder for quoted tweet comebacks calling him an out of touchContinue reading “I disagree with Martin Scorsese and Alan Moore—But are they still right?”

Joker (2019) – Movie Review

The Joker is perhaps the entity in western culture that is most synonymous with villainy. For generations, different narratives have been crafted about this dubious antithesis to Batman’s stoic calculations in comic books, video games, and film, all depicting him as a sociopathic zealot who exists beyond the boundaries of society. Just over a decadeContinue reading “Joker (2019) – Movie Review”

I am ready to run through a wall for “Joker”

In just the last week, “Joker” officially premiered in Italy last week to a thunderous 8 minute standing ovation and near universal critical praise, while us mortals were given the final official trailer. Hell, gave the film an absurd 10/10. I have never seen them give out a perfect score to a film before,Continue reading “I am ready to run through a wall for “Joker””