The Final Trailer for “The Rise of Skywalker” Is Here And It Is Definitely Not Boring

Wow, Disney, you’ve done it again! Say what you want about the ‘Star Wars’ films they’ve made, one thing that no one can deny is that they always release some really exciting trailers for their films. Time for me to capitalize on the hype of someone else’s creation by contributing my very arbitrary and potentiallyContinue reading “The Final Trailer for “The Rise of Skywalker” Is Here And It Is Definitely Not Boring”

Is “Joker” too dangerous to show to the public?

I sincerely wish this wasn’t a subject that I would ever need to discuss. The Joker is one of my favorite fictional characters ever created and I am eagerly anticipating the release of the film “Joker” on October 4th. But as much as I love comic books and movies, the real world strikes again toContinue reading “Is “Joker” too dangerous to show to the public?”

MCU Phase-by-Phase Recap

Now that Marvel has put a nice ribbon on Phase 3 of their Cinematic Leviathan, I thought it would be prudent to go back and relive all the highs and lows of the journey that brought us here. We have grown so much from our humble beginnings crawling out of that cave with Tony. NowContinue reading “MCU Phase-by-Phase Recap”

I have had it up to here with Disney and their remakes

Before you mindlessly hand over more of your legal tender to Disney, please do us all a favor and rip it up first. Hell, you can burn it or even make some fine origami. Or better yet, keep the money. But please stop paying for Disney to remake their own movies. Disney is remaking “Dumbo,Continue reading “I have had it up to here with Disney and their remakes”

So, what do we do after ‘Endgame’?

Allow me to transport you to the wondrous time that is last Sunday afternoon. The sun, it was shining. The birds, they were chirping. And as for me, I was just finishing up a bagel and going to see “SHAZAM!” with two of my friends. Our cups overrunneth with the rich bounty of hopeful optimismContinue reading “So, what do we do after ‘Endgame’?”

Captain Marvel Postgame Discussion (SPOILERS)

So now that “Captain Marvel” has been released to the public, we have been given a bevy of information with regards to the greater MCU. The film, which serves as a prequel to most of the Marvel films and the Avengers Initiative, fills in the gaps of speculative information that fans have long been curiousContinue reading “Captain Marvel Postgame Discussion (SPOILERS)”

Let’s have a legitimate discussion about the new Star Wars films

If you are alive, you probably are aware that multibillion-dollar company and conqueror of worlds, Disney, has bought the rights to Star Wars and has been producing new movies to the once dormant franchise. The new films have released to incredible box office success (with the obvious redheaded stepchild being “Solo: A Star Wars Story”)Continue reading “Let’s have a legitimate discussion about the new Star Wars films”